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How to Leverage the “B” in DEIB in Your Workplace
February 10, 2023 at 5:00 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people do business for years, but now, people are slowly starting to return to offices. As that happens, employers are tasked with ensuring their workplace is one that employees want to visit each day.

One way they can do that is by emphasizing the “B” in DEIB, which stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. The belonging part is especially critical, because it motivates employees to look forward to working in an office setting. Plus, your company can enjoy numerous benefits if you create a sense of belonging.

Why the “B” in DEIB matters to your company.

In a business setting, belonging refers to a positive relationship between employees of different backgrounds within an office setting. Companies that emphasize belonging tend to have employees who feel more included, which can do wonders for the company culture. In fact, the benefits of creating a sense of belonging among the workforce can lead to many benefits.

When employees feel vested in the company culture, you can expect a reduction in absenteeism, because workers are excited to come into an office where they feel they belong. Also, since they know their work is appreciated and valued, they often perform duties with higher levels of productivity.

The belonging part of DEIB also helps with employee retention. If they feel like they belong to the work culture, they’re less likely to look for other jobs. Keeping high-level talent is always good for a business. Not only do you keep your best workers, but it also saves you the costs of having to continually interview, hire, and train new workers.

If you want to start enjoying these many benefits of creating a sense of belonging in your company, then you need to know how to achieve that goal.

How to create a sense of belonging in your company.

Get leadership to back the push for belonging.

Wanting to emphasize the “B” in DEIB is a great start for any company, but it won’t go anywhere without the backing of the highest-level leaders within the organization. That’s why the first step is to make sure they understand the benefits and are willing to put in the time and investments to make it happen.

Company culture tends to start at the top and make its way down, so you’ll need to have conversations with team leads across the board. Their involvement can range from developing initiatives to foster a sense of belonging to something as small as making genuine connections with everyday workers.

Create organic social bonds.

A key part of feeling like you belong somewhere is the relationships you have with other coworkers, so emphasizing social bonds is a helpful way to create DEIB. However, it’s not as simple as hosting a happy hour once a month. Think about how teams are structured and how you can encourage collaboration among different groups to promote a shared sense of community. It could even come down to adjusting the office layout to promote a better sense of community.

Communicate openly and honestly.

In order to feel like they belong, employees must feel vested in the company, and that can only happen with open and honest communication. However, it’s not just about the company communicating to the team. It’s about letting them voice their opinions and concerns, as well, and having the company genuinely take their thoughts into consideration.

Learn more about how DEIB can help your company.

With Socius Strategies HR support, we invest in our clients’ success and partner with them to define what DEIB means for them as individuals, workgroups, and an organization. Learn more about our services, or schedule a consultation using our online booking tool.

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