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Finding an HR consultant aligned with your values
January 3, 2022 at 8:00 AM

January 3, 2022

Welcome to 2022! The new year gives us an opportunity to review where we have been while looking to the future to see where we want to go. As you begin this process, you may have identified that you need an HR consultant but are wondering how to find one who shares your values.

Similar to dating, this process can be discouraging.

However, you’re in luck! At Socius Strategies, we provide collaborative HR consulting solutions for businesses that optimize inclusivity and performance. In English, Socius means ‘partner’ or ‘ally,’ which is fitting. We are the leading partner for startups that aligns their values, cultures, and leadership with progress. Our solutions-oriented services are unmatched sources of individual and organizational growth.

Here’s how to find HR consultants who share your values:

Know your values

First, before finding an HR consultant who reflects your startup’s or company’s values, you need a concrete understanding of what those values are.

Allocate time to determine what diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging mean for you as an individual and organization (and if you are unsure of how to do this, we can help you with that as well!). Moreover, evaluating your current culture is a great way to gauge your core values.

Assess aspects of your company culture you would like to change or refine. Interview employees and clients to truly understand your organizational identity. Also, your strategic business plan is a great reference.

Review your business plan and determine how your culture and values can help achieve this plan and if these values need to change. Afterward, define your values. A sound foundation of values will help find an HR consultant who can cultivate an inclusive, engaging startup culture.

If outlining your values is daunting, at Socius, we can help identify and define your core values to optimize your employee’s and organization’s performance.

“So tell me about yourself…”

Once you have determined your values, needs and desired outcomes, have a candid conversation to determine the consultant’s values. Ask them directly about their values and the organizational values they prioritize and have them provide scope of work (Whether it is called a plan of action or scope of work (SOW) this is a pragmatic, real-world solution that determines the scope of your project.) It conveys how well-equipped they are to integrate your core values and corporate culture so it’s more inclusive while nurturing personal and organizational growth.

When talking, remember inclusivity necessitates focusing on the employee and employer needs to enact meaningful change. Ensuring they are current in all the latest industry trends is also critical because it means they are aware of priorities in creating an inclusive workspace.

DDD (Do Due Diligence)

Finally, when deciding on an HR consultant, evaluate their background. Ensure they have experience in the area you need help in and conduct a thorough assessment of their history and skillset.

Review CVs and resumes and research industry credentials to ensure they are certified and qualified to help. Also, ensure they have worked successfully with companies who share your values. This due diligence assures your values and theirs align.

Ask for references and contact those references! Ask about their experience with the consultant, what the goals of the project were, and was the consultant successful in meeting those goals. Asking specific questions will help you determine if they will be able to support your needs, expectations, and values. A firm refusing to provide references is a red flag.

If evaluating an HR consulting firm’s background is difficult, you’re in luck. Our references are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Schedule a consultation now!

At Socius Strategies, we connect with any company that values a culture of progress, belonging, and inclusivity. We are the leading collaborator and partner for cultivating work cultures of belonging. As allies, our passion is creating cultures that support diverse people and organizational growth. Schedule a consultation! We understand the things that distinguish us individually make us better together.