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Glossary of Common Business Consultancy Terms
January 2, 2023 at 12:00 AM
A woman presenting employee engagement tools

Our team at Socius Strategies shares the common goal of connecting cultures within the workplace and helping organizations establish effective operations based on strong core values. This is done by consulting with employees and leadership teams on a variety of important topics. When researching this type of business consultancy, many get stuck on the unique terminology and find it difficult to grasp the full scope of our industry.

The better that leaders can understand each aspect of establishing a strong work culture, the more successfully they can align their operations with their goals. Below we have listed a few key industry terms that are of the utmost importance in our line of work.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement is a term that is often used in our industry, and is the focus of one of our most notable consulting services. Employee engagement tools work to increase the level to which employees are motivated to participate in the advancement of their organization as a whole. This occurs when employees feel they are being acknowledged at their place of work and feel personally aligned with the overall mission of the company. Businesses that maintain a positive employer-employee relationship benefit from a high rate of retention, greater contributions from talented workers, and more. At Socius Strategies, we offer an employee engagement and leadership service, which instructs organizational leaders on the practical steps they need to take to improve rapport with employees.

Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership is another important concept that should be considered in the formation of an executive team. Disproportionate treatment of employees from various backgrounds has always been an issue in the American workplace. In the past several decades, we have seen drastic improvements in the regulatory bodies that govern inclusivity of all genders, sexual orientations, races, and religions. However, true inclusivity starts with the individuals in charge of a business. At Socius Strategies, we take a critical look at the way organizations are operating, and identify any flaws in the realm of inclusivity. For genuine inclusivity to take place, all employees must feel seen and heard, as well as provided with equal opportunities. From hiring protocols to team meetings, we will ensure that inclusivity is achieved on a day-to-day basis.

Collaborative coaching

Collaborative coaching is a term that alludes to the process of teaching leadership teams and employees to cooperate effectively and reach company goals by working together. No matter how skilled each individual within your organization is, it is impossible to reach major company goals without collaboration. There are many ways to encourage workers to collaborate on projects. One element of this is proper communication. Learning to convey and receive ideas in a respectful manner can greatly enhance employee morale and help team members get on the same page. By collaborating with every member of your professional team, you will be able to help others reach their full potential and explore new ideas from the people who know your organization the best.

Workplace diversity

Workplace diversity has become an especially important topic of conversation in the past several years. Historically, certain industries have been dominated by a single group such as the primarily female field of nursing. Today, the most successful companies are those that do not only include all types of people, but also acknowledge diversity in the workplace. No matter which line of work you are in, the perspectives of a diverse group of workers can greatly benefit your company.

Are you looking for a consulting service to help optimize your business? Find employee engagement tools, information on inclusivity, and more at Socius Strategies. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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